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​Smart Class

We are living in the age of technology. Technological advances are necessary for students, teachers and schools to campete in today's world. While traditional teaching methods have played an importent role in our education system, with the advent of computers, interactive boards etc the landscape has changed entirely.

Students are not only able to view the individual structures, but also understand the interconnection of the structures in a 3D manner. Comprehension and retention are elevated when a student can visualize and manipulate physical and chemical structures in this fascinating 3D manner.

Real-time interactivity, allowing the students instant access to the structures

The ability to dissect the structures through a regional or systemic approach

An intuitive interface which allows the user to explore the structures in an intelligent manner

Transparency mode - allowing the user to look inside the various layers of the structure

Hide / Unhide tool - allowing the user to examine various layers simultaneously

Labeling allows for learning and identifying parts

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