Education can and should be both a rigorous and enjoyable process for the child, Children are encouraged to learn themselves and grow under the teachers guidance because the school believes that education should be such that it liberates the human mind from the bondage of ignorance and leads it towards enlightenment. There are supervised study hours. All boarders belong to a small tutor led by faculty who is responsible for their welfare and academic progress.


​Special emphasis is laid on the development of sound health and physics by promoting games and sports in the campus. Children practising different sports presents a delightful sight at dawn and dusk- Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Taekwondo and many other events are available to the students under the guidance of trained and qualified physical training instructors. Inter-house and Inter School tournaments are held regularly. Students of ETS are well recognised at the State and National Level for bringing laurels to the school in the field of sports.

Health & Medical Care

The Hostel has a qualified doctor assisted by a full time qualified and trained nurse. The infirmary, besides taking care of the health of the students also educates them on hygiene and preventive care which is of utmost importance at the growing stage.


The school offers positive ways for the students to get involved in various activities. The students are encouraged to develop their own hobbies and interests and also to learn team work and communication skills.

  1. ​All boarders have to participate in yoga and meditation session.
  2. Once in a while on holidays the students will be taken on guided tours to places of interest. 
  3. The common room has a TV cable connected with restricted channel viewing.
  4. There is a mini library where girls can indulge in reading.
  5. Hostlers can enjoy a monthly outing accompanied by the Hostel Warden.
  6. All boarders are allowed to celebrate their birthday in the Hostel. they are allowed to hold a dance party among their room mates and special dinner is provided on such events. 
  7. In the night assembly before the boarders would offer prayers.

General Rules & Regulations

  • The school believes in strictness without being harsh.
  • It is essential that all the belongings as per the given list are brought. A duplicate key of the student's cupboard should be given to the warden by the parents/guardians on the day of reporting.
  • Every student expected to take care of her belongings. Parents should not send costly jewellery, cameras ets with their wards. All belongings of the students should be clearly marked.
  • Leaving the hostel without prior permission is strictly prohibited and anyone doing so will be dealt with severely.
  • Parents/Guardians can visit their wards only with prior permission.
  • Local guardians, if any or visiting parents are not allowed to visit the child more than twice a month only on certain Sundays or school holidays and that too subject to the Manager's discretion.
  • Visiting/going home for any kind of emergencies in the family will be permitted at the discretion of the Manager.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the school hostel to discuss their wards performance/problems with the Hostel Warden/Hostel Coordinator on all working days with prior intimation. please

**********All Right Reserved to the Manager Regarding Changes in the Rules**********

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