​Aims Of The ETS

The Emma Thompson School aims to be:

  • A learning organization
  • Focusing on achievement for every learner.
  • Promoting lifelong learning for students, staff , parents governors and the community
  • Setting clear targets for every learner in a spirit of continuous improvement 
  • Maximizing results at all levels by enabling good teaching and learning to flourish
  • Providing a purposeful education in preparation for life.
  • Recognizing and celebrating achievements for all learners.
  • ​Enabling children to develop their academic, emotional and physical potential at an appropriate pace.
  • ​Developing in each child an enquiring mind and encouraging love for learning for his good future.​

​A Caring and Supportive Community

  • ​That values and challenges each individual.
  • ​That encourages mutual respect and courtesy.
  • That has high expectations and positive attitudes to learning behavior, the school and the environment.
  •  That allows the fullest possible development of everyone's intellectual, social, moral and personal potential.
  • ​​With a positive culture and an ethos that recognizes and celebrates diversity. 
  • ​That ensures that students grow up to lead safe, Happy, healthy and successful lives.

An Effective Learning Environment

  • With firm, purposeful leadership empowering others to achieve and participate
  • ​That has clear, fair and consistent discipline.
  • ​That has a comprehensive and shared improvement plan.
  • ​With sound management and good communication at all levels.
  • ​That has high quality resources and an attractive working environment which promotes ownership and pride.
  • ​That uses technology to raise academic achievement and promote a technological, enterprising and vocational culture.

​At Emma Thompson We Aspire to: ​Make the most of childhood-

  • ​Encourage in pupils a sense of honesty, commitment, self-reliance, responsibility, tolerance and a healthy self-esteem.
  • ​Provide opportunities to extend children's creative abilities.
  • ​Provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment.
  • ​Work in participating with the parents and guardians of our pupils.

​Including all our children

​We provide opportunities to all or children to play an active role in the life of our school, asking their views on important decisions through our School Council, which includes children from each class. The children are encouraged to take part in charity, fund raising events, concerts and our annual school function. Pupils maintain the school website, which may be reached at: www.emmathompsonschool.com 

Involving parents and guardians

We welcome your participation in the life of our school.

Emma Thompson School Attractive play areas at the rear of the school are surrounded by trees, and are well-equipped for children to play of all ages.The school is equipped with interactive whiteboards Smart Classes in all teaching areas and has a network of Desktop, Laptop Computers and Wi-Fi. Use of information and communication technology (ICT) is integrated into the wider curriculum.

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